George Silver
General Information

Kick Silver (mother)
Harlan Silver (father)


Carrie Bradshaw (ex-girlfriend)
Blythe (ex-girlfriend)

Series information
Portrayed by

Richard Kohnke

First episode

"Dangerous Territory"

Last episode

"Run to You"


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

George is not seen or mentioned until the Season 2 and series finale. Harlan states that George didn't attend his wedding to Larissa because he "couldn't handle his drugs or liquor" and ended up going to rehab. Harlan admits that he was a bad father to him.


George is nice, charming, and cultured. He speaks French fluently and is close with his mother. At first he appears like a caring boyfriend but became bitter and mean when Carrie decided to dump him.

Physical appearanceEdit

George stands tall at 6'4 and has longish brown hair and eyes. He is generally quite attractive.


Carrie BradshawEdit

  • George started off as a way to make Sebastian jealous but soon after George and her got serious. At one of the school parties Carrie had invited him to, Carrie took him out to the car and he began to pressure her to have sex. The two broke up.


  • George's ex-girlfriend. She is a pretty rich girl, described by Carrie has the "gorgeous ex girlfriend with extreme long legs and shinny black hair", who was in rehab. George apparently does not care about her anymore, and refuses severals times her proposals for recocilation.




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