Thomas West
Thomas West
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Jill "The Mouse" Chen (Ex - Girlfriend)

Series information
Portrayed by

RJ Brown

First episode

"The Great Unknown"

Thomas West, often referred to as "West".

Season 1 Edit

West's first appearance was in the episode "The Great Unknown" when Mouse was leaning against his locker trying to solve a Rubix Cube, he asked her to move and she said she was busy and he asked if he could try- solving the Cube in just a few moments. This greatly annoyed Mouse, so she used her position in the office (for extra credit of course) to snoop for his School file revealing that she was SECOND in their class and that he was first in their class.

West also partakes in volunteer work.

Mouse challenged him to a 'Rubix Off' that she won, afterwards when she was gloating West asked her if she was always such a good winner. He then told her about his mom raising him and his brother as a single mom to give them everything they have. Then they...