Under Pressure
Season 2, Episode 9
2x09 - Under Pressure - Infobox
Air date January 3, 2014
Written by Logan Slakter
Directed by Andy Wolk
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"The Second Time Around"
"Date Expectations"
Under Pressure is the 9th episode of Season Two and the 22nd episode of The Carrie Diaries overall.


LARISSA GAVE CARRIE SOME ADVICE ON HER RELATIONSHIP WITH SEBASTIAN telling her long distances relationships never work out, which starts to worry Carrrie, meanwhile Dorrit throws a big house - warming party that gets get out of control and Mouse and Donna suprisingly bond when they talk about there failed relationships and realise they have something in common, Donna gives Dorrit advice on a boy she likes and Sebastian comes back to suprise Carrie telling her he is not going back to Laguna, Larrisa and Harlen decide to get a pre-nup but end up arguing after Larissa wants to live in her own apartment because if she lived will Harlen she would feel controlled and not able to be herself.




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